Bayu Meindrawan, Vega Yoesepa Pamela


Nanocomposite film has been developed from PVA polymer added with ZnO nanoparticle and Stearic acid to enhance its performance. The optimum film formulation is determined from statistically analysis result using RSM with D-optimal design from 13 film formulations based on several parameters such as WVTR, tensile strenght, elongation, crystallinity, melting point, entalphy, E.coli and S.aureus number, ΔE, light transmission, thickness and density. The data was gained from previous study. Film with ZnO nanoparticle and Stearic acid composition 3,4% and 6,6%, respectively, perform as optimum formulation with desirability degree of 0,671. The biodegradability evaluation using soil burial test show the degradability rate of optimum film (9.6496%/day) is not significantly difference compare with control (10.419%/day).


nanocomposite, PVA, ZnO nanoparticle

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.33512/fsj.v1i1.6188


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