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VPS Hosting

by VPS Web Hosting (2020-08-30)

Shared hosting means your site will share the same server as many other sites. It’s usually the cheapest option but comes with limited bandwidth, administration, and performance capabilities.

VPS hosting is a more premium option, with the ability for greater customization and increased performance and no one within your space.

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I personally vote against shared hosting. Here’s why:

Limited Resources. Due to the scarce resources for shared hosting customers, websites can often not reach their full potential. If your website gets very popular, you’ll have to move it to dedicated or VPS server for fast access and stable performance and therefore, spend more.

Security Concerns. The chances of a security fails increase because multiple websites share the same server. First of all, you cannot install your own software (like server side antivirus) to protect your site. Also, if any of the hundreds of other sites think of running some scripts (malicious or not), your security could be easily threatened.
Insufficient Customization. Shared hosting companies give you enough environment to install WordPress or popular CMS (Joomla, ModX, Drupal etc) only with default configuration and often don’t allow you to modify system files to tweak the performance of your hosting account.
You are really not the boss. You will be renewed at full price (around $8.99) automatically at the end of the promo period. You cannot upload your personal documents via FTP as a backup. Also, you will be turned off if you start generating substantial traffic. Moreover, will be turned off if your website will be a target by DDOS or similar attacks.
On the other hand with VPS you will:

Enjoy greater private disk space and higher overall resource availability. This will be necessary if you want to expand your business and need t