Improving EFL Undergraduate Students’ Speaking Proficiency Through YouTube-Based Videos



This study aims at presenting to what extent the use of YouTube-based videos can improve the students' speaking ability and describing the teaching and learning process when YouTubebased videos are implemented in the virtual EFL classroom. The subject of the study is the undergraduate students of management study major Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Serang Raya. Classroom action research design used in this study. The research data were collected through speaking assessment and interview. The findings revealed that there was an improvement in the students' speaking ability. Some aspects which are improved included students' fluency, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and content. Furthermore, it can be concluded that the YouTube based videos is able to enhance effectively the undergraduate students’ speaking ability. With this language learning approach, it is hoped that it can also increase students’ motivation in learning English language.

Keywords: YouTube-based Video, Speaking, Undergraduate Students.

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