VANOS Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education

Research as one of the components Tri Dharma College has a very important role. The amount of research in the field of vocational education, mechanical engineering and automotive conducted by lecturers, students, teachers, practitioners and other stakeholders require the media to communicate the results of such research. Through scientific publications, research results can be communicated to the world of education, stakeholders, and the public concerned to be taken advantage for the development of learning, evaluation, and technology further. Based on these considerations, The Department of Mechanical Engineering Education FKIP UNTIRTA create scientific journal named VANOS Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education as a medium for the publication of research results in mechanical engineering, automotive, and vocational technical education. This Journal has Print-ISSN 2528-2611 and Electronic-ISSN 2528-2700.

VANOS Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education is a periodic scientific journals that publish research results in the field of Mechanical Engineering Education, Automotive, and vocational education of lecturers, researchers, teachers, students, practitioners and other relevant stakeholders.

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Pedoman Penulisan

Pedoman Penulisan Journal VANOS  
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Vol 1, No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents


Haris Abizar
Dianna Ratnawati, Setuju Setuju
Dwi Sudarno Putra, Donny Fernandez, Yogianda Aprilindo
Reza Setiawan, Rahmat Hidayat
Iwan Ridwan
Danar Susilo Wijayanto, Indah Widiastuti
Hengki Irawan
Wagino Wagino, Angga Bahri Pratama, Donny Fernandez
Muhammad Nurtanto