Jurnal Dinamika Bisnis Indonesia

The Journal of Indonesian Business Dynamics (JIBuD) is a Laboratory of Management and Business premier journal in the field of business and management studies. JIBuD publishes cutting-edge research that reflects important developments in the business environment and advances new theoretical directions and ways of Indonesian thinking about global phenomena. The journal especially encourages submissions that break new ground or demonstrate novel or counterintuitive findings in relation to established theories or assumptions and welcomes a variety of conceptual and theoretical traditions, including those drawn from allied social and behavioral sciences.


Submissions should develop new and/or test existing theory, and empirical papers may employ a range of qualitative, quantitative and other methodologies so long as they are rigorous and appropriate. Although JIBuD primary readers are scholars and researchers, the journal values contributions that explore and explicate implications for global enterprises and their managers, as well as consequences for public policy and the broader role of business in society.


JIBuD welcomes manuscripts in the following areas: Global Business and Economics Development; Strategic Management; Organizational Behavior; Operations and Productions Management; Human Resources Management; Marketing; Ethics, Social Responsibility and Sustainability; Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship.


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