Design a cake scraper tool based on the Internet of Things for the home industry

Mutiara Adinda Wijaya, Ahmad Taqwa, A. Adewasti


Scraper cake tools based on the Internet of Things (IoT) are designed to improve efficiency and control in the cake production process.  The use of IoT technology in scraper cake tools is projected to give further benefits in terms of operational data collecting, real-time analysis, and remote control. The MIT application, which can be accessed via an Android-based smartphone, is used to control the Scraper cake tool. This Cake Scraper tool uses a dc motor as a machine rotating drive, making the cake cream smoothing operation easier and more efficient. Users interact with the program by modifying the motor speed as well as the x and y axis sides. The results demonstrated that an IoT-based cake scraper equipment improves cake production efficiency by decreasing human error and increasing consistency in flattening cake cream. The implementation of IoT technology in scraper cake tools also improves the collection of operational data for advanced analysis, production planning, and preventive maintenance.


Internet of Things; Cake Scraper Tool; MIT; Adafruit;

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