An Analysis of Students Responses in the use of Edmodo Applications at the Fifth semester in English Language Education Department of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University

Ramadan Fitriani, Rosmania Rima, Welliam Hamer


This study aims to determine students responses after using Edmodo Applications in English learning. The objectives of this research is to identify student’s responses on the use of Edmodo in English Language. This study adopt the Qualitative research. Case study is used to be an appropriate method for this research as proposed by Cresswell ( 2012). The students close-ended Questionnaire, and students interview were used to collect the data. The data were analyzed qualitatively. The close-ended Questionnaire and interview student were employed to collect the data of students responses in use of Edmodo Applications. The results showed that the use of Edmodo Applications in English Learning are , 84% of 45 students were strongly agree that Edmodo was easy to use as their English learning media. The features that have been designed in Edmodo is simple so that it easier to use for students as a tool in English learning. The use of Edmodo in English learning process makes students more easier to understand the material given by the teacher based on the apps features in Edmodo that supported students in learning process.

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