The Perceived Usefulness and Ease of Use of Online Learning amid the Covid-19 Pandemic: EFL Learners’ Perspectives

Siti Suharsih, Murti Ayu Wijayanti


This article reports a small part of the study on EFL learners’ perceptions, challenges, and expectations on online learning amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This mainly presents the perceived usefulness and ease of use of online learning during Covid-19 Pandemic. The participants of this study were the second semester students of Magister of English Study Program in one public university in Banten. Questionnaire was distributed to the participants to collect the data. The research results show that the students perceived positively on the usefulness of online learning. The students gave positive responses on online learning in terms of learning autonomy, motivation, discipline, and technological skill. In relation with the ease of use of online learning, the students give positive perceptions. They perceived online learning positively dealing with its flexibility, accessibility, and the students readiness dealing with technical things. Despite several challenges of online learning, EFL learners in magister of English study program perceived online learning positively.

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