A Depiction of the Task Based Learning Process for Teaching Recount Text to Extrovert and Introvert Students in an EFL Writing Class

Jumbuh Prabowo, Dwi Rukmini, Mursid Saleh, Rudi Hartono


Writing is important to teach because it is one of the most important language skills. It is also classified as mental work that involves the creation of ideas, their expression, and organization into statements and paragraphs. The goal of this study was to show how task-based learning was used in the teaching of recount text and to look at the writing process in an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) environment. Observation was used to collect the data. It was done to gain a better understanding of how the teaching-learning process works by utilizing project-based learning. Purposive sampling was used to select one class consisted of 40 participants for this study who attended Genre Based Writing Class.  The data collected through observation was analysed descriptively. This study was carried out at Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University's English department, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education. The results demonstrated that the majority of the students could participate effectively. They did not hesitate to share their thoughts during the early stages of discussion with their small groups. They also participated in the interactive writing process. In general, using task-based learning, nearly all students could participate in the writing process.

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