Text Analysis of Plane Crash News in the Jakarta Post Article: A Study of Critical Discourse Analysis

Sherra Ginorsa, Risna Saswati, Amelia Iswandari


This study investigates the text analysis of representation, relation, and identity elements from a plane crash news article published in The Jakarta Post. Using a qualitative descriptive method, this study uses Fairclough’s critical discourse analysis model (1995) to analyze the data. The text analysis model is categorized into representation, relation, and identity. The data are taken from the Jakarta Post news article dated November 4, 2022, entitled "Sriwijaya Air 2021 crashes due to mechanical problems, the final probe report says". The data retrieved consist of 26 comprising 20 representations, 3 relations, and 4 identities. This study found representation is in the use of complex clauses and compound-complex clauses and vocabulary level using some aviation terms to refer to pilot’s committing task errors. In the representation of a combination of clauses, it is found that there are more extension forms in the form of contrast. In the representation of the intensity of the series, it was found that the news series focused on pilot and mechanical errors. The result of the research in regards to relation and identity reveal that the chief investigator is the source person, and the author places himself more as a reporter or writer of the news.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30870/aiselt.v8i1.22240


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