Investigating the Subtitle Errors Available on LayarKaca 21 Based on FAR Model

Iqbal Vega Adikusuma, Ika Kartika Amilia


This research aimed to investigate the subtitle error types in Layar Kaca 21 (LK21), a unofficial movie streaming website. The method applied in this research was qualitative case study. The data were taken from the subtitles of Sherlock series’ 1st episode and collected using data reduction. The data were then compared to Amazon Prime’s version and analyzed by using content analysis. The types of errors were categorized and analyzed by using Pedersen’s FAR Model (2017). The types of errors include functional equivalence errors consisting of semantic errors and stylistic errors; acceptability errors which contains grammar errors, spelling errors, and idiomaticity; and readability errors which contains segmentation and spotting, reading speed and line length, and punctuation and graphics. The total of errors found were 293 containing 180 functional equivalence, 97 acceptability, and 16 readability errors. The finding showed that the errors made in LK21 were mainly functional equivalence which definitely would disrupt the viewers’ comprehension to the messages conveyed in the movies or series they were watching.

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