Developing Articulate Storyline Application in Teaching Speaking at Tenth Grade of SMAN 24 Kabupaten Tangerang

Lanina Benita Indah Putri, Nurhaeda Gailea, Ledy Nurlely


The research aims to find out the process of developing an Articulate Storyline to teach speaking and to find out the feasibility and the opinion of students, teachers, and the validator about the media. The researcher used a mixed method with a research and development approach and used ADDIE as the development model to develop an Articulate Storyline. The participants in this research were 34 students from class 10 IPS 6 at SMAN 24 Kabupaten Tangerang. There are five stages in the ADDIE development model, the Analysis stage, the Design stage, the Development stage, the Implementation stage, and the Evaluation stage. To obtain the data the researcher used documentation, a questionnaire, and interview sheets. The results of the research stated that the Articulate Storyline application that has been developed was valid for use, this can be seen from the validation results by material experts who got 98,4% which is very valid. While the average percentage of media experts is 78,5% which is valid. While the average percentage of students from each aspect is considered good where the students’ perception of learning media aspect gets 82,7% the aspect of students understanding of speaking material gets 77,5% and students learning interest aspect gets 76,4%. The total score from all aspects is 79,3 % which is good.

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