The Analysis of Students’ Learning Style in Study English

Mohamad Arip Nofariyansyah, Siti Aisah, Ika Handayani


This study aims to investigate what are the learning style of the students at the 8th grade of SMP Islam Pariskian Ciracas. The objectives of the research are; 1) to investigate the students’ learning styles by describing their learning styles in the process of learning English subject, 2) to find out the most dominated students’ learning styles, and 3) to find out the least dominated students’ learning styles in the process of learning English subject. The research method used was case study. The researcher did observation, interview, and questionnaire for this study as the instruments. The result of the research showed that, from the total of 24 students of the class 8-C SMP Islam Pariskian Ciracas, the class was dominated by visual learners, followed by auditory learners, and kinesthetics learners was the least dominated learning style preferred by the students. The students in the English class at 8-C SMP Islam Pariskian Ciracas utilized a variety of learning styles. The teacher must employ the appropriate teaching strategy that makes use of visuals as a medium in order to enhance the quality of the teaching and learning process because the visual learning style is the one that students use the most frequently. To learn English more effectively, students should concentrate on their learning styles. Future researchers may develop this topic by investigating deeper about promoting certain learning method and strategies toward students’ learning style.

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