Visual Communication and Multimodal Literacy: An Analysis of the 'Dancing for Justice' Image

Yulian Dinihari, Zainal Rafli, Endry Boeriswati


The image has the language to be conveyed. Multimodal is a term that refers to understanding and investigating how to communicate using visuals. The purpose of this study is to investigate the multimodal analysis of the image 'Dancing for Justice'. The methodology in this study uses a subjective strategy with a clear technique the reason is that the researcher examines the information from the images and the results for clarification. Using the spellbinding technique is a strategy that is complemented by investigating the information that has been gathered in the form of words, pictures, and not numbers. In the picture we not only see it in a textual sense, but also contextually. Recovering sources of information in images from electronic media. The image in this resource is of a woman carrying the scales to stand against equality. The result of the multimodal analysis in the picture 'Dancing for Justice' is the struggle of a woman who wants to get justice as seen in the image of the woman's right hand holding a scale. Carrying the words 'Dance for Justice'. Wearing red clothes combined with black means that a woman is brave, but full of things that are hidden by her.

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