Teaching English Vocabulary by Using Mobile Application “Drops” For Senior High School

Muhammad Gilang Rahmandika, Dina Rachmawati, Rosmania Rima


The use of ICT in teaching and learning the English language is inevitable. Lots of the ICT learning media are already used by English teachers for instance mobile apps, computer-based learning modules, etc. This research explored the use of the DROPS mobile app for teaching English vocabulary to senior high school students and how they respond to it. This research was done in a public senior high school in Cikeusal. Design-Based Research (DBR) was employed to address the research questions. The participant observation, semi-structured interview, and documentation were used to answer how the teaching vocabulary by using DROPS Apps was carried out. The questionnaire was used to answer how the students responded to the teaching vocabulary by using DROPS. Data analysis of the observation, interview, and documentation revealed that first, it took two phases two to carry out DROPS in the vocabulary teaching in the classroom i.e. preparation and execution phases. The preparation covers identifying the required Competence Base (KD), selecting the Indicators of Achievement of Competence (IPK), and developing the Lesson Plan. The execution phase includes the pre-teaching phase, whilst teaching, and post-teaching. Second, the DROPS Apps could be integrated into the discovery learning method in the stimulation phase, which was intended to make the student ready and motivated to learn. Moreover, data analysis of the Questionnaire from the students showed that 92% of the respondents stated that teaching using the DROPS app was well-received and beneficial for vocabulary learning. 8% of respondents stated that the DROPS app was still improper to use. It implied that teaching and learning vocabulary by using the DROPS app indicates a positive trend and the effectiveness of smartphone-based applications for students’ vocabulary enhancement. In Conclusion, teaching using DROPS apps could be an alternative to teaching English vocabulary.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30870/aiselt.v8i1.22810


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