jurnal pendidikan teknik mesin

Journal History

The VANOS Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education is a journal published by Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University. The VANOS Journal was first published in 2016 with P-ISSN 2528-2611 and E-ISSN 2528-2700. Journal published twice a year. Initial plans for publishing will be carried out in April and October. Due to various technical problems, the journal was published in July and December. However, the publication of the journal Vanos has changed in 2020. Currently, the journal Vanos is published in May and November.
In late 2016, the Vanos Journal underwent a name change that was original "Vanos: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education" to "VANOS Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education".
The first publication of the VANOS journal in 2016 used the Open Journal System but it has not been fully implemented and still uses quick submit. The second and third years began to have improvements in the management of publishing journals by involving reviewers (bestari partners) online by using assessment instruments that were filled electronically both via email and OJS.
The VANOS Journal collaborated with the Teacher and Vocational Teachers Association (ADGVI) in 2017. This resulted in changes to the logo of the first page of each article. Initially, the logo mounted was the Vanos journal cover logo. Because of the collaboration with ADGVI, it was changed to the ADGVI logo.
In 2018, the OJS theme of Vanos journals was replaced with a dominant black header color. In 2019, the Vanos journal theme was changed to the dominant blue color.
 We continue to strive and make improvements in management by participating in training and workshops to increase knowledge and skills in publishing journals.