Jurnal Riset Komunikasi

Jurnal Riset Komunikasi, ISSN 2087-7463, published by communication science department, Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University (UNTIRTA), incorporate with the Indoensian Communication Scholars Association: Ikatan Sarjana Komunikasi Indonesia (ISKI). Jurnal Riset Komunikasi (JRK) was published on June 2010. Meanwhile, Jurnal Riset Komunikasi starts using Online Journal System in June 2017. Therefore, our publication during june 2010 till December 2016 was back issued. Jurnal Riset Komunikasi publish twice a year (june and december). In each edition, it received article that will be reviewed by internal editors. After that, article reviewed by at least two reviewer who had related expertise. Article will be reviewed with blind peer review. Every article is free of charge for authors and readers. As we growth, we did some alternation in order to make improvement. Author guidelines were revised on December 2017 on article interface. We also did some changes with layout at first page. Moreover, on the same edition we also revise our focus and scope. Jurnal Riset Komunikasi aims to encourage research in communication studies. Focus and scopes within the journal include but not limited to: 1. Media anda Text Analysis 2. Cross-cultural Communication 3. Enviromental Communication 4. Health Communication 5. Organizational Communication 6. Political Communication 7. Gender Studies Scholar JRK


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