Implementation of LoRa SX1278 protocol with tree topology in air quality monitoring system

Salsabila Dina Sari, Sopian Soim, L. Lindawati


This research aims to implement the LoRa (Long Range) protocol with the SX1278 transceiver module and use tree topology to build an effective air quality monitoring system and save energy. To detect CO levels, the MQ7 sensor is used, and the MQ135 sensor is used to detect CO2 levels. It can be concluded that the results of RSSI measurements and delay if the longer the distance tested, the RSSI value will be smaller (weaker) and the delay longer. SNR measurement results depend on the conditions of the test site, that the more noise, the smaller (worse) SNR value will be obtained. For CO and CO2 values, a reading is obtained on the sensor that a calibration process is needed in the program so that the sensor reading value is more accurate.


LoRa SX1278; Tree Topology, Arduino Uno, MQ7, MQ135, Air Quality



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