Journal History

History of Pro Bono and Community Service Journal (PCSJ)

The Pro Bono and Community Service Journal (PCSJ) made its inaugural appearance in May 2022, coinciding with Untirta's 41st Dies Natalies. PCSJ is a platform that publishes a combination of research and review articles, with a primary focus on legal matters, specifically those related to community engagement. Each issue typically comprises around 5-6 research articles and 1-2 review articles.

PCSJ is dedicated to establishing itself as a nationally recognized journal, a commitment substantiated by its inclusion in several national institutions' indexes and abstracts, including Garuda, Google Scholar, Dimensions, and the CrossRef Database, as of early 2023. Since its inception, PCSJ has been utilizing the Open Journal System (OJS), with each article subjected to a rigorous review process overseen by experienced legal experts. Every article is assigned a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI) by CrossRef.

During the period between September 27 and October 7, 2023, PCSJ encountered a server malfunction that necessitated maintenance. This issue resulted in temporary inaccessibility to all articles, mandating a re-upload. Furthermore, by October 2023, the PCSJ Stat Counter encountered data errors and was unable to provide visitor data. Consequently, PCSJ transitioned to using Flag Counter instead. Making the counter restarted and begin from zero on October 16, 2023.

Starting with Volume 2, Issue 2 in October 2023, PCSJ introduced a new template to enhance on-screen readability, departing from the previous two-column article format. This issue also marked a significant milestone for PCSJ as it welcomed its first international author from Malaysia. Additionally, by 2023, all PCSJ metadata was presented in English as the primary language, while the articles themselves continued to be delivered in Bahasa Indonesia.

Presently, PCSJ is in the process of preparing for national accreditation through ARJUNA under the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education. Furthermore, PCSJ is actively pursuing registration in international indexing and abstracting services, such as DOAJ, ICI, and Hein Online, with plans to complete this process by January 2024.