Global Summit on Sustainable Innovation, and Green Technologies (GS-SIGRET)

Global Summit on Sustainable Innovation and Green Technologies (GS-SIGRET) is an international conference that be held hybrid system by the Institute of Research and Community Service of Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, Indonesia on September 25, 2024.

Opening Speech 

Prof. Dr. Fatah Sulaeman, S.T., M.T.

(Rektor of Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, Indonesia)

Dr. Al Muktabar

(Act Governor of Banten, Indonesia)

Keynote Speakers 

Prof. Dr. Meutia, SE., MP.

(Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, Indonesia)

Assoc. Prof. Sasithep Pitiporntapin, Ph.D.

(Kasetsart University, Thailand)

Assoc. Prof. Klodian Dhoska, Ph.D.

(Politechnic University of Tirana, Albania)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Otto Hospes

(Wageningan University & Research, The Netherlands)

Dr. Majid Khan Majahar Ali

(Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia)

Prof. M V. V. Reddy, Ph.D.

(Nouveau Monde Graphite, Canada)

Conference Themes

1. Education

2. Agriculture

3. Law

4. Social and Political Sciences

5. Economy

6. Medical Science

7. Engineering

Conference Schedule

Date: September 25, 2024

Time: 09.00 AM - 16.00 PM (Jakarta, Bangkok, Vietnam Time)

Place: Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa & Zoom Meetings

Publication Date

1. Abstract Submission Deadline:

August 21, 2024

2. Abstract Acceptance/Rejection Announcement:

September 3, 2024

3. Full paper submission Deadline:

September 21, 2024

4. International Conference Date:

September 25, 2024


All selected papers will be processed to be published in the WoS, Scopus, ICI, and Sinta 2 Indexed journals such as;
1. Jurnal Penelitian dan Pembelajaran IPA (WoS Indexed, IF 2022 = 0.8)
2. Jurnal The Messenger (WoS Indexed, IF 2022 = 0.4)
3. Indonesian Journal of Sustainability Accounting and Management (WoS Indexed, IF 2022 = 0.7)
4. Register Journal (WoS Indexed, IF 2022 = 2.1)
5. International Journal of Biology Education Towards Sustainable Development (ICI Indexed)
6. International Journal of STEM Education for Sustainability (ICI Indexed)
7. Jurnal Pendidikan Indonesia Gemilang (ICI Indexed)
8. Gagasan Pendidikan Indonesia (ICI Indexed)
9. Journal of Governance (Sinta 2 Indexed)
10. EduChemia (Jurnal Kimia dan Pendidikan) (Sinta 2 Indexed)
11. Food ScienceTech Journal (Sinta 2 Indexed)
12. Jurnal Tadris Kimiya (Sinta 2 Indexed)
13. Jurnal Penelitian Fisika dan Aplikasinya (JPFA) (Sinta 2 Indexed)
14. Medical Laboratory Technology Journal (Sinta 2 Indexed)


Article Template

For Research Article

For Review Article


1. Presenter: 

General: 550,000 (IDR)

Student: 500,000 (IDR)

2. Participant:

General: 150,000 (IDR)

Student: 100,000 (IDR)

3. Proceedings (e-ISSN):

200,000 (IDR)

4. Journal: 

According to the journal's policy


e-Certificate and Book of Abstracts


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