Vol 2, No 2 (2023)

Empowering Communities: Legal Frameworks for Enhanced Rights, Resilience, and Engaged Participation

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.51825/pcsj.v2i2

Cover Probono Vol 2 No 2 Oktober 2023

Editorial Team Pro Bono and Community Service Journal (PCSJ) publishes ProBono Journal Volume 2 Number 2 October 2023 with a special theme of "Empowering Communities: Legal Frameworks for Enhanced Rights, Resilience, and Engaged Participation" which is divided into several important sectors, namely:

  • Economic Resilence;
  • Legal Education;
  • Establishment of Child Friendly Villages;
  • Legal and Community Empowerment;

These articles of Legal Service to the community come from two countries which is from Malaysia and Indonesia. The Indonesia author originated from Sumatra, Yogyakarta and Banten.

In the October 2023 edition, we feature a variety of research articles. "Socialization of Economic Resilience to Reduce Domestic Violence" by Ferry Fathurokhman and Reine Rofiana explores a crucial topic. Additionally, Henky Mayaguezz et all. offer fresh perspectives in their work, "Empowering Traditional Fisherfolk: Informing on Legal Rights in Marine Biodiversity." Meanwhile, Rani Sri Agustina and Muhamad Uut Lutfhi delve into "Fostering Community Engagement: Creating Child-Friendly Villages." In contrast, Ariesta Wibisono Anditya's et-all article, "Connecting Legal Education: Bridging the Gap from High School Civic Education toward Undergraduate Legal Studies" provides a unique perspective. The October 2023 edition concludes with an insightful piece from Pipih Ludia Karsa, titled "Juridical Framework of Tertiary Irrigation Networks in Enhancing Food Security."

Published: October 2023