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Journal of Governance (JOG) is published by the Faculty of Social and Political Science Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa collaborate with Asosiasi Dosen Ilmu Pemerintahan Indonesia (ADIPSI) http://www.adipsi.orgfor reviewer, its main aim to spread critical and original analysis from researchers and academic practitioners on various social, political and government issues both local and foreignThe writing is published after undergoing a peer-review process by providing an exclusive analysis on social, political and government issues from various perspectives. JOG provides high-quality studies outcomes and a new thoughts for academic practitioners, researchers, and publics to break down the complexity and dynamics of contemporary socio-political changes. Journal of Governance has been Accredited by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia (RISTEKDIKTI) in SINTA 2, SK NOMOR 30/E/KPT/2019. Publish in English since 2019, JOG invites researcher, academician, practitioners, and publics to submit their critical writings and to contribute to the development of social and political sciences
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Volume 8 Issue 1: (2023)

This issue has been available online for regular issues. All Articles in this issue were authored/co-authored by 4 Countries (Germany, Russia, Bangladesh and Indonesia) 

Table of Contents


Sajib Kumar Roy, Mohammad Nur Ullah, Bikram Biswas, Md Mafizur Rahman
Eko Prasojo, Ghina Samarah, Desy Hariyati
Trio Saputra, Sulaiman Zuhdi, Fajarwaty Kusumawardhani, Rachmawati Novaria
George Towar Ikbal Tawakkal
Aimie Sulaiman, La Ode Muhamad Muliawan, Komang Jaka Ferdian, Marwan Yaumal Akbar
Wiyono Wiyono, Zuly Qodir, Linayati Lestari
Ida Nurhaida, Andi Windah, Nina Yudha Aryanti, Arif Sugiono
Herman Deru, Kgs. M. Sobri, Alfitri Alfitri, Andries Lionardo
M. Rizki Pratama, Alfin Maharani Rosidah, Salwa Kusumaningtyas
Marno Wance, Rifdan Rifdan, Muhammad Takdir, Arif Ferdian